WeLoveBlog#005: New Year’s Eve Feast Toward Prosperity Part.2

WeLoveBlog#005: New Year’s Eve Feast Toward Prosperity Part.2

It is almost time for the Chinese New Year.  Everyone gathers and enjoys the New Year’s Eve family dinner as it is one of the most important Chinese traditions.  The dishes are not only filling, but it must represent you and your family’s fortune for the upcoming year to create the imagery of welcoming the new year.  Why does New Year’s Eve dinner always have pork knuckle?  What does chicken represent?  Each classic dish carries great meaning.  This time, Broth Inc. will slowly examine the good fortune of each dish, and plans the best ingredients to be used in each new year dish, accompanying you to a full table of fabulous dishes to welcome Chinese New Year.

Yearly Abundance, Fortune for the Whole Year – Mullet Fish Roe

Mullet Roe has a Q texture and intense flavor that brings out exquisite taste. Broth Inc. selects high quality wild mullet roe that is clear as amber, bringing the red-hot color of new year to the taste bud, and giving you good fortune for the entire year. Whether it is stir-fried or is used in fried rice, this ingredient will bring the taste of the ocean to the table.

Bringing Wealth to You – Marinated Chinese Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage has a good synergy with prosperity, why? Because the Chinese words for Chinese cabbage are homophonic to both hundred and wealth. One dish of marinated Chinese cabbage would mean a full bowl of wealth. Broth Inc introduces a new marinated Chinese cabbage recipe, cooked using Broth Inc.’s chicken essence, providing a full spectrum of taste and health. This classic dish is worth a try on any table.


Royal Golden Soup

Adding Hokkaido scallop, fish maw, chicken broth and pork meat and cooked with pumpkin, this golden color soup combines the best collagen-rich ingredients in both land and sea and simmers for over eight hours to create a silky, rich taste filled with gluttonous sweetness.  A single taste will liken experiencing golden prosperity entering one’s body.

Royal Golden Soup

Rabbit Hops to Great Fortune – Mah-Jong Style Honey Cake

A delicious new year dinner needs to finish with a soft sweet honey cake.  Made with natural ingredients, the honey cake is not oily, yet full of sweetness.  Each cake is marked with the number 168 as well as the word for creating fortune.  Cute and symbolic, this cake likens the experience of winning a game of Mah Jong by getting the final piece yourself, bringing great fortune for the whole year.


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