WeLoveBlog#006: New Year Tradition

WeLoveBlog#006: New Year Tradition

New Year Tradition

During the rainy season, a cute rabbit is moving rapidly, ready to start working!  In Chinese culture, rabbit is an auspicious animal, both intelligent and tamed.  In folklore, people born in the year of rabbit or people who celebrated the year of the rabbit will gain wealth throughout the year; as the rabbit’s front legs are short, and hind legs are long and strong, it is great for moving upward.  2023 year of the rabbit is also a year with two spring festivals, which are February 4th, 2023 and February 4th, 2024.  What a great year with double the prosperity.  How should we celebrate the year of the rabbit?  We would like to review the tradition of the new year with you, wishing you a great progress in both luck and health in the upcoming rabbit year.

1st day of the Chinese New Year:  Wear new clothes and visit temple

Written in ancient literature, “Red rabbit brings great luck; white rabbit brings good luck.”  Idiom also has a saying, “To become the greatest of men is to be a horse of red rabbit like stature.”  We can see that red colored rabbit is viewed very highly.  While we won’t see red colored rabbit, we can however wear red new clothes during the year of rabbit to match the atmosphere.  Besides wearing new clothes, many people will visit temple to wish for a great year and visit relative right after to share the joy of the new year.

2nd day of the Chinese New Year: Married daughter returning to parents’ home

The 2nd day is considered the starting of the new year.  Married daughter will bring their husband and children back to her parents’ home to wish happy new year.  Tradition recommended lunch time is the best time for the family meal.  The gift for the daughter’s parents is also known as “The gift of returning home.”  The gift is meant to signify that the daughter is very happy after getting married.  It is best the number of gift is an even number, to represent that the pairing (of the daughter and her husband) is meant for each other.

3rd day of the Chinese New Year: Rat marries new wife and enjoys a relaxing day

After two days of busy work, are you tired?  There is an old saying, “first day wakes up early, second day wakes early, but third day sleeps until fully awake.”  Third day is a day for rest, so it is best to sleep until naturally awake.  Third day is also the day of the rat marrying a new wife.  In tradition, everywhere the rat goes through will spread a little bit of rice and salt; not only was it meant to welcome the new wife, it also signify a new year of great harvest.  In order not to bother the rat’s happy day, you should sleep early as well.  If you listen carefully, you may hear the rat’s laugh and music as it welcomes its new wife.

4th day of the Chinese New Year: Preparing for return of the Gods

The 4th day of the new year is the day to welcome the Gods as they return to the human realm.  From 1 PM to 3 PM, every household will setup a table for the offering.  The table will fill with three meats and four fruits to welcome the different Gods to come and protect the household.  You can also turn on the stove to represent the Gods setting in.  The offering should be something sweet, because the Gods like sweet food, and will protect the family if they are happy.

5th day of the Chinese New Year:  Welcoming the God of Wealth and the start of the work year

There are things that are prohibited during the new year, such as cleaning, arguing, and throwing away trash.  After the 5th day, however, the restriction is lifted.  Mothers must be relieved now they can teach the naughty kids a lesson?  New year trash can be thrown on the 5th day, as it refers as “throwing away the feeling of being poor.”  The 5th day is also the birthday for the God of Wealth, so many people believe celebrating the God of Wealth this day will bring in great luck and wealth.  Many stores and companies will open on the 5th day, signifying that the business is great again for the new year.

6th day of the Chinese New Year:  Stores returning to business with big fireworks

Farmers start working on the field on the 6th day as they prepare for the seeding in spring.  In the traditional calendar, the 6th day is the day of opening business.  Many stores and restaurants will formally open for customers on the 6th day, with firework to celebrate the occasion.  The 6th day will continue to throw away all the remaining trash, to ensure that any feeling of being poor will be sent away.

After reading all the new year traditions, do you feel like you are attracted to the culture?  While you are celebrating great wealth, don’t forget that your health is the most important thing.  Broth Inc. has all the ingredients and foods to protect your health as you celebrate the Chinese new year.  We wish you good luck in the year of the rabbit

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