Chicken Essence Monthly Subscription

Frequently asked questions 常見問題

What is the requirement for a monthly subscription? 申請月訂購有什麼條件嗎?
How many boxes of Chicken Essence do I need to order each month to enjoy a discount? 每月需要訂購多少盒滴雞精才可以享有優惠?
Is there still a discount if I buy more than six boxes? Will I get a bigger discount if I buy more? 買六盒以上滴雞精還有優惠嗎?多買會有更多優惠嗎?
Do I have to leave my credit card information when filling out the application? 填寫申請表時一定要留下信用卡資訊嗎?
Can I pause or cancel my subscription and when can I do that? 月訂購開始多久以後,才可以延期、暫停或是取消呢?
What is a restocking fee? 什麼是重新入庫費用?
Can I specify the delivery date? 我可以指定日期送達嗎?
How is the cycle calculated? 請問月訂購的週期是怎麼算的?
Will the price be different if the flavors are different? 滴雞精口味不一樣價格會不一樣嗎?
Can I change the flavor of the chicken essence? 我可以更改滴雞精的口味嗎?
Can I change my payment card information? 我可以更改卡號嗎?
Can I use my reward points on the monthly subscription? 好湯網上積分可以使用在月訂購上嗎?
What can I use my reward points for? 那我的網上積分可以怎麼使用呢?