Local Exclusive

LOCAL EXCLUSIVE(In Designated California Areas)

Stay at home and elevate your culinary experience with ease!

Delivery Range:

  • Approximately within a 35-mile radius from our Walnut store.
  • Approximately within a 35-mile radius from our San Jose store.
  • If your Local Delivery Zip Code Check shows "Sorry, no complimentary local delivery available for this zip code.", please select your items under NEXT-DAY SHIPPING.
  • If not, please select your items, please select your items under this collection.

    Please read when placing an order:

    1. Orders over $100 dollars qualify for complimentary delivery within 35 miles from the Broth / the Soupterra store. If your order is not over $100 dollars, there is a $15 delivery fee to deliver your order within 35 miles. 
    2. For store pick up orders(Walnut Only): You will receive an email/text message notification when your order is ready for pickup. 
    3. Leave your cell-phone number to be efficiently contacted regarding delivery/shipping information. You will be notified by email/text message by a customer service representative one day prior to your delivery day.
    4. Orders are fulfilled chronologically. We try our best to fulfill your order within one week. Please be patient with us. Feel free to contact us directly via email for your order status. 
    5. If any gate codes or passcode is required for your delivery, please make sure to provide the information under delivery instruction. If the relevant information is not provided, we will be unable to deliver your package. 
    6. There is no set delivery schedule. Delivery days/cities are dependent on order volume and product availability. 

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