WeLoveBlog#005: Chinese New Year’s Eve Feast Toward Prosperity Part.1

WeLoveBlog#005: Chinese New Year’s Eve Feast Toward Prosperity Part.1

It is almost time for the Chinese New Year.  Everyone gathers and enjoys the New Year’s Eve family dinner as it is one of the most important Chinese traditions.  The dishes are not only filling, but it must represent you and your family’s fortune for the upcoming year to create the imagery of welcoming the new year.  Why does New Year’s Eve dinner always have pork knuckle?  What does chicken represent?  Each classic dish carries great meaning.  This time, Broth Inc. will slowly examine the good fortune of each dish, and plans the best ingredients to be used in each new year dish, accompanying you to a full table of fabulous dishes to welcome Chinese New Year.

Reception of good luck and longevity – Beef bone broth Buddha’s Temptation (also known as Buddha Jumps Over the Wall)

Representing abundance and richness, there is no other dish but “Buddha’s Temptation.” “As the altar of intense fragrance spreads out, even the Buddha will jump over the wall (to have a taste)” is the saying that references this dish. Replacing the traditional soup base, we use the aromatic beef bone broth as the soup base to simmer dried scallop, dried abalone, mushroom, quail egg, jujube, lotus seed, Chinese cabbage, etc. These ingredients will harmonize with the beef bone broth, creating a rich aroma with intense unforgettable taste. The dish combines a slew of rich tasting ingredients, synthesizing that richness and harmony will remain within the bowl. While you are eating, you can explain the story of Buddha’s temptation to the children, creating fullness to a new year with good luck.


Everlasting good fortune – Pork knuckle with Preserved vegetable and Bamboo Shoot

Pork trotter, also known as pork knuckle, has a Cantonese saying of “Easily get rich.” Because of this, eating pork knuckle also has the meaning of capturing good wealth and fortune. Crispy bamboo shoot and the distinct taste of the preserved vegetable, mixed with garlic and rock sugar, then added the gluttonized pork knuckle, will holistically create a realm of unforgettable taste, giving you an immense layer of sweetness without being overly greasy. After eating the pork knuckle, not only will you gain good collagen, you will feel like you get rich easily.



Welcoming wealth – Wagyu Beef Sauce Dumpling

New Year’s Eve has a tradition of eating dumpling that no expensive ingredient can replace. Dumpling also has a meaning of exchanging old with new. Additionally, dumpling has the shape of the Chinese gold ingot, which has the meaning of welcoming wealth. In this dish, we use the wagyu beef sauce to replace the filling inside the dumpling, not only does it intensify the flavor, each bite will carry a rich spiciness that will mesh well with the dumpling skin, giving you endless wealth and fortune.




Family Reunion – Recovery Chicken Broth with Whole Chicken  

Chicken is homophonic to the word “family” in Chinese.  Back in the day, even if a family in a Taiwanese village had a bad year, it would still prepare a whole chicken for the new year.  Whether it is a chicken soup or the whole chicken, it will nourish the body and has the meaning of returning to good fortune and safety.  Broth Inc. teaches you to use the recovery chicken broth as the soup base to start the cooking process, then add a whole chicken and let it simmer.    The recovery chicken broth contains Brazilian mushroom and fresh vegetables to create a bowl of healthy chicken soup, softening the whole chicken to perfection.  New year is the time for a recovery chicken broth with whole chicken to nourish both body and heart, pushing the winter cold away from the family.

Too busy to even cook a few dishes?  Don’t worry, the next few dishes only need to be heated up and served.  Even those with no cooking skill can excite everyone.






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