About us

Good Soup Begins Slowly

Soup warms the heart... it is full of health and vitality.

We began on our journey of life with a little worry and happiness.

In our first stage, nostalgia came sprawling from three hundred miles away. It came at the middle of the night in the form of an old scent of my mother’s bowl of soup. This began our search for a taste of happiness.

In the second phase, with a pregnant wife, our chef began to look for a low-calorie nutritional supplement to aid in the process of breeding new life. It became our biggest mission to find the magic and mystery of chicken essence.

At the last phase, we hoped to provide something for picky eaters and especially children with allergies—it was our mission to provide food security in the environment of those with busy lives.

Needless to say, when we stumbled upon the food market, it began one of life’s great adventures. We began to gain hope that once trust was no longer out of reach, that we could earn and fortify simple human relations. And bit-by-bit, our vision for the store grew until hopes for opening became a reality. We spent a long time pursuing a feast for the taste buds, but an even longer time to restore the true taste of food, with happiness and healing. We truly hope that you not only enjoy our soup, but also enjoy a peace of mind, comfort, and a good life.







說來荒謬,但當我們發現到市場上買食品似乎是生活中很大的冒險之一,我們開始有一個希望,希望從我們開始,讓信任不再遙不可及,人和人的關係可以單純一點。 而我們相信,一點一滴慢慢的開始,就是希望的開場。 我們花了很久的時間,在追求味蕾的饗宴,但我們花了更久的時間,還原食物真實的味道。 關於手中的這碗湯,不僅幸福又療癒。 我們真切的希望,在您享用好湯同時,也可以享用到安心、自在、平心與靜氣的好生活。



Our Philosophy Aims To Adhere To Good Soup

We use only USDA Organic Certified chicken and only pick chicken farmers that can offer:

  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • Non- GMO Project Verified†
  • Free Range
  • Air Chilled
  • Sustainably Farmed
  • No Hormones or Steroids Added
  • Always 100% Vegetarian Fed with No Animal By-Products



我們所使用好的食材不是我們說就算,我們只用通過USDA Organic Certified有機認證的雞種。

The Mission

For a cup of good soup, it seemed a little silly that it took such a long time. But to gain true knowledge and to pursue a higher realm of soup required a natural amount of pickiness. The soul of a good soup comes from a rich selection of ingredients, and time is the key. We work with traditional engineering methods, applying a small but thickfire to slowly boil our ingredients, hoping that our essence will pass it’s warmth onto you.



為了ㄧ小碗幸福, 花了很久的時間,似乎有點傻... 關於湯的學問,只要喝上一口好湯的人都知道。 為了追求湯的更高境界,挑剔是自然的。 因為好湯的靈魂來自豐富的精選食材, 而時間更是造就這一碗幸福的關鍵, 所以我們厚工細火慢慢地熬煮, 一切遵循傳統工法, 就是希望將這份手作的溫暖, 透過好湯,傳遞給你。 我們覺得就算這樣很傻,也很值得

好湯慢慢的開始,有一個不成文的堅持,我們相信做好食的第一步,只有講究食材的來源, 我們相信天然食物會讓人生更美好,唯有敢給自己孩子吃的食物,才是我們所講究的嚴選。