WeLoveBlog#003: Broth Inc. Giving Back to your Endless Love

Broth Inc. Giving Back to your Endless Love

 “Waah!” as the wailing howl from the newborn broke the morning silence.

“7.3 pound, congratulation, the baby is very healthy!”  the obstetrician smiled.

Staring at such a small life wrapped under one’s arm, with fresh red face seeking to be fed, for a mother, it is as if every worry and pain in the world got thrown away for a moment.  From there on, mother would only think about how to get herself back to good health, so that she can take care of the newborn.

Mother, with her countless love and endless hard work, spares nothing to develop the child’s growth and nourish its life.  Since pregnancy, mother was already spending time planning for the child’s health, managing her diet and lifestyle, even if the appetite is unwell.  She would use chicken essence to nourish the baby inside her, ensuring the baby will remain healthy.  For a mother, it doesn’t matter how weak she becomes, she will try her best to give her child the best it deserves.  As there is a saying, “father’s love is deep but mother’s love is boundless, as if the spring and the sun, her love provides warmth timelessly without any complaint.”


“Mother, you can get up from the bed!” A pair of mother and child hugged while weeping.  Hugging a frail mother on her surgery recovery, one would be grateful for the miracle.  Seeing a loved one in bed, the pain can’t be simply described in writing.  Not only does one have to care tirelessly, but watching a family member in sickness and pain can also break someone emotionally.  However, as long as we believe in good outcome, the pain will eventually turn toward bliss.

Happiness, sadness, affection, and tiredness, not only does one need the love of the family, Broth Inc. would also like to use its nourishing broth to accompany your journey back to full health, both emotionally and physically.  The key to our broth is simple, quick, and available in any occasion.

Broth Inc. is grateful to meet you in this lifetime, as we cherish each and every one of you.  For each customer, you may not be our only customer, but each of your story has been most moving.  Broth Inc. will announce the chicken essence giftsets, Heart Melting Broth Bundle, and Thanks-Meating Bundle, to celebrate you and your loved ones.  Not only are these gift baskets worth the price and flavorful, we believe they will bring you and your family together in happiness.


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