WeLoveBlog#004: 旅行中的聖誕大餐Bringing Christmas Dinner to Travel


Sitting on the ski lift overlooking the snow-capped mountain, you witness a dazzling nature’s panorama.  You ski along a snowy path down the mountain, listening the wind blowing past your ears, then you play games with your kid, making snowman, having a snowball fight.  On the side, you can see snow covered Christmas trees and pine cones, spreading the winter’s spirit.  Once in a while, you can see a Santa snowboarding down the half-pipe, bringing your child full of excitement and atmosphere.  The whole mountain range seems to be prepared for Christmas.

After a restless day of fun, it is time to have a big Christmas dinner.  Don’t worry, moms, Broth Inc. is ready to provide you with tasty Christmas recipe, so you can make a full Christmas meal in any situation, giving your family a satisfying Christmas holiday.

First, let’s have a nice red wine to warm you up, a little fruity taste will enhance the Broth’s ingredients as you open your curtain of Christmas delicacy.

  • 香濃的蘑菇牛骨濃湯 結合牛骨湯滿滿的營養與膠原蛋白加上鮮甜的蘑菇,香濃又清新的美昧在舌尖上劃開來,暖暖的熱湯把寒冷完全隔絕了。
    Mushroom Beef Bone soup:  Combining a collagen-rich beef bone broth with fresh mushroom, giving a refreshing sweet taste to your taste bud, while removing any coldness with the warm soup.

  • 軟爛入味的紅酒燉牛肉,豪邁享受牛筋牛腱在齒縫間餘留的香滑與嚼勁。
    Red wine beef stew: Enjoy the beef tendon both smooth and chewy.
    Red wine beef stew

  • 焗烤四季豆上的好湯肉燥讓這道菜增添獨特風味,大朋友小朋友都會一根接一根停不下來喔!
    Baked string bean:  Mixing with our Broth Inc. minced meat to give this an unique texture, promising both old and young will not stop eating.

    Baked string bean

  • 和牛肉醬起司意粉 這道經典的美味,香辣的肉汁、極品的和牛配上濃濃的起司,就像純粹美好的友誼,令人回味無窮,是屬於大人版的極致品味。
    Wagyu beef sauce and cheese pasta:  A classic delight, with spicy meat sauce, tasty Wagyu beef and profound cheese, this is a perfect union for the adult.

    Wagyu beef sauce and cheese pasta

  • 黃金沙拉香甜爽口、健康滿分。繽紛的色彩讓再排斥蔬菜的小朋友也會愛上這甜美清爽的滋味,補充營養與膳食纖維。
    Golden salad: sweet, crisp and healthy. This colorful dish will entice even kids who don’t like vegetable, and giving them the nutrition and fiber needed for this meal.
    Golden salad

  • 綿花糖烤地瓜 像雲朵般的柔軟棉花糖加上綿密的金黃地瓜,因烘烤過膨脹成迷人的焦糖色。空氣中散發著鮮奶油及焦糖的香甜,滑順細膩的薯泥輕輕地在舌尖上甜蜜的跳舞,慶祝美好的每一個瞬間。
    Sweet potato casserole with marshmallow: Soft, cloud-like cotton candy with golden sweet potato, which after a bake has given the dish a lovely caramel color. You can smell the rich butter and caramel sweetness, while you can feel the sweet potato swirling on your taste bud, salivating every moment.

After enjoying such a filling Christmas dinner, you may come across Santa Claus visiting with its sled.  In this small wooden house overlooking the snow, we gather around the fire to chat and enjoy the quiet holiday.  Children, remember to sleep early so you can receive our Christmas presents.


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