WeLoveBlog#002: American Ginseng: Lessons You Never Heard Part 2

花旗有益篇 Ginseng lesson that you never know

American Ginseng: Lessons You Never Heard Part 2

“Brrring…” alarm has broken the quiet morning, as a mother hurriedly got off the bed, started making breakfast, and prepared a bento box/water bottle for the kid. At the same time, she would wake up the bed-ridden kid and husband so they could change their clothes. However…

“Honey, I was out drinking with my clients yesterday. I have a bad hangover and an upset stomach.” The husband said.
“Do you want American ginseng tea? It can help with your hangover and warm your stomach.”

Or the other time…

“Hey John, my high blood pressure is acting up lately, do you know anything that may be helpful besides medications?”
“Mom, the American ginseng can control blood pressure and blood sugar, won’t allow them to shoot up.”

And don’t forget…

“Mommy, my throat is dry and I am tired, can I not go to school?”
“Hey sweetie, the American ginseng can recover your energy and keep you hydrated, so don’t forget to finish your (American ginseng) chicken essence before heading to school!”

As we wave goodbye to summer, we start to experience the seasonal change from the chilly, dry autumn, which regularly makes us feel dry to the mouth and nose. Besides the respiratory system being impacted, the weather can lower our immune system, causing flu, dry rash, and allergy symptoms. What should we eat to remain healthy? We have to eat soft and warm food that replenishes moisture in our bodies, allowing the right diet to naturally adapt our bodies to the seasonal change.

autumn dry

Broth Inc. has found a new herbal remedy for you: American Ginseng Chicken Essence.

The recent days in the fall have been sultry, and American ginseng has the unique nutritional characteristics to help you through the day.
In short, American ginseng can quickly relieve heat, invigorate your energy, help fight against flu, and reinforce respiratory functions for the whole family.

Why is American ginseng so special?

Let’s take a deeper look at this medicinal herb and some of its major benefits:
American ginseng’s active component is ginsenosides, which exists throughout the root, leaf, and fruit. Based on clinical study, American ginseng has over 50 different types of ginsenosides, including 7 to 8 well-known types. Each ginsenoside has different benefits to the body, which includes the ability to maintain the nervous system, improve immune system, protect against cancer, develop antioxidants, and protect against diabetes. In addition, American ginseng contains unique polysaccharide, providing incredible health benefits.

  • Prevent common cold and boost immune system
    American ginseng balances the immune system and strengthens both lymphocytes and phagocytosis, helping the body fight foreign bacteria and virus infection. This is the reason why American ginseng is considered one of the best immunity boosting foods.
  • Improve blood circulation
    The active ingredients of ginsenosides can enhance cell activity, improve blood circulation, and promote metabolism.
  • Digestive system support
    American ginseng can improve appetite, repairing digestive disorder.
Broth american giseng chicken essence
  • Improve dry mouth and reduce “Yeet-hay”
    As the Compendium of Materia Medica described, American ginseng “possesses strong taste and positive energy, invigorates the respiratory system and reduces “Yeet-hay”.

    The term “yeet hay” can refer to foods that are fried and greasy like chips, fries, burgers or hot and spicy like chilies and curry. However, “yeet hay” can also be used to describe how a person is feeling after consuming these types of foods. The symptoms of “yeet hay” include sore throat, acne, lethargy, and mouth sores.

    It promotes hydration to the body, relieves tiredness, and works well for people who have experienced heat in their body.”
  • Balance central nervous system
    American ginseng can greatly improve nervous system function, pacify one’s heart, and remove tiredness. It supports occasions related to sleeplessness, anger, and fading memory; it even helps with hangovers, reducing headache due to drunkenness.
  • Protect cardiovascular system and improve blood pressure
    Consuming American ginseng regularly for a long time can relieve irregular heart beating, energy deficiency, and shortness of breath. It can also control blood pressure, preventing any sudden fluctuation.
  • Reduce tiredness due to sickness or cancer related weakness
    Tiredness caused by cancer cannot be removed by simply resting, United States Mayo Cancer Research Center Researcher Debra Barton explained through studying 340 cancer cases. In her experiment, she separated testers into two groups with one group using 2 grams of American ginseng and the other with placebo. For four weeks the two groups didn’t show any difference; however, after eight weeks, it was clear that the group treated with the American ginseng had better energy, suggesting a reduction of 20% in tiredness, while showing no side effects.
  • Reduce oxidative stress and prevent aging
    American ginseng increases the immune system to fight tumors. It reduces oxidative stress and damage to human DNA. American ginseng is one of the best choices for herbal medicine that improves energy. It can speed up protein synthesis for blood, bone marrow, or organ, boosting immunity to contain cancerous cell growth, effective in preventing cancer.

Wild American ginseng originally grew in the Northern American historic forest with a name as the living fossil. For thousands of years, native Americans saw this as miracle medicine; this ingredient was introduced to China during Emperor Kang Xi of Qing Dynasty and quickly became a widely used medical ingredient. Ginseng as a medicinal herb was measured as having coolness property, which enabled it to have anti-aging benefit, lower blood pressure, improve body composition and cure against illness related to sultry weather. This special American ginseng, when combined with the warm, nutritious chicken essence, will provide a perfect balance to a healthy living habit.

Broth Inc selects the best materials for the American ginseng chicken essence. We pick the USDA organic certified cage-free chicken from California, and we pair it with the high purity American Ginseng from Wisconsin. Drop by drop, using traditional cooking methods, each taste will be smooth and earthy, nourishing the body and the spirit.

American ginseng chicken essence is an herbal remedy that provides nourishing and refreshing comfort for busy working class, busy mothers, high blood pressure grandparents, uncles with diabetes, picky allergic children, overnight students, or recovering patients. Through its nourishment, each of you will find its heart to live like the real you again.

One pack a day is all you need to protect the health of your family.

The American Ginseng Chicken Essence Is Coming Soon!

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