WeLoveBlog#011: What You Don't Know About Fathers...


What you don't know about fathers...

Is your significant other in your eyes a darling yet often unhelpful teammate, or a dependable inarticulate support, or perhaps an all-knowing problem solver? After getting married and having children, many women and their sisterhood often come to a similar conclusion: once husbands become fathers, they either spend their time in the bathroom or on their way to it, sometimes even hiding alone in the car, as if they need their safe havens. If they're not constantly hiding in the bathroom, they're engrossed in gaming🤣. How much do we really know about them?


Fatherly love is steadfast like a mountain, but why do fathers bear such heavy burdens of expectations and idolization?

When it comes to figuring out why things are the way they are, we think that guys have a tougher time finding relief. You see, women have their own ways to de-stress, like online shopping or talking for hours with their friends after a fight with their partners. But guys, on the other hand, they tend to hold back on expressing their physical or emotional discomfort and just keep it all inside. They silently carry their frustrations and stress in their hearts, even when they're sick or recovering from surgery. They'd rather tough it out than burden their wives and kids. Being a role model for dads can be a heavy load, don't you think? 

Interestingly, many wives admit that after having kids, their focus shifts entirely to the little ones. The boundless love they had for their husbands before marriage kind of gets scattered. Women have this natural strength when it comes to motherhood, while husbands can feel uncertain at times, almost like big kids themselves. Sure, it may seem like bathrooms become prime hangout spots for dads after childbirth, but they still provide the warmest support in the family. Fatherly love is subtle and reserved, like a hidden spring deep down. It's in the gentle hand that holds ours while crossing the road, the comforting embrace when we're tired from playing, and the down-to-earth guidance filled with affection. It's all so loving and beautiful. As Father's Day approaches, seeing the husband hiding in the bathroom reminds me of my own father who lives far away.


When we think of our dads, we often remember them in their youthful and strong days, you know? The image of them working hard in their study, telling us to sit properly with good posture, riding bikes with us to the park, and comforting us with their big hands when we fell. They were our refuge when we had nightmares at night, and they had such heartfelt hopes for our happiness when we got married. 


But after I got married, life got busy with my own little family, and I couldn't take those long flights to visit my parents as often. And with each separation, it felt like my once invincible father aged a bit more, until he had white hair and a bit of a stooped figure. But he was still so kind-hearted. Did time play tricks on me, or did I suddenly notice my father's graying hair and aging body? With his hard work, sweat, and endless love, my father nurtured and supported my growth, all in exchange for my safety and happiness.


It's been 20 years now, and I can still vividly recall every little detail of him seeing me off for my first study abroad experience. 

When I was 16, I was super pumped about my upcoming study abroad adventure. My mom helped me pack all these cool, vibrant clothes into my suitcase, and my dad was just silently watching. Then, out of the blue, he spoke up and said,

"Hey, I think these suitcases are too old. Your suitcase is like your representation when you're away from home, you know? It's the first thing your host family sees. So, I'm gonna buy you new ones."


And off he went in a rush. I kid you not, in less than an hour, my dad came back pushing two shiny, brand-new suitcases. One was a bright red and the other a deep green, both the same model but different colors, with these fancy yellow and brown check patterns. It was kinda weird though because the suitcases had this slight dampness to them and water droplets on top. And when I looked at my dad, he was all soaked, too.  

Turns out, it started raining on his way back, and he couldn't find a taxi, so he ended up pushing those suitcases all the way home. Haha, my dad showing off his skills, you know?

He laughed it off, trying to hide the fact that he had walked in the rain and was genuinely concerned for my upcoming journey. But me, as a teenager, I was just filled with excitement and couldn't wait to spread my wings and soar during my study abroad experience.


As I opened my suitcases, I could feel my mom's heartfelt advice and my dad's deep love flowing out, clearing away the mist in my eyes. I couldn't bring myself to look back at my parents who were seeing me off at the airport. I just walked away, not daring to turn my head. After a crazy long flight of more than 20 hours, I finally reached the luggage carousel. And there it was, my one-of-a-kind suitcase with a purple bow tied by my mom's hands.

"Wow, your suitcase is so pretty!" said my foster mom who came to pick me up.

I gave her a polite smile and thanked her, but a tear managed to sneak down my cheek. Those two suitcases became my companions throughout my journeys, fearlessly exploring different corners of the world because I knew my dad's love was always with me. No matter where I was, he would think of me, miss me, and eagerly wait for me to come home.


Dads, they're like these strong and selfless guides who are always there for us, you know? They bring so much courage and direction into our lives with their constant presence and endless love. They shape our worldview and build our character. Even if we're not always physically close or caught up in our own busy lives, their teachings and care are just ingrained in us, flowing through our veins. They help us grow and tackle challenges head-on while we chase our dreams fearlessly. Dad, you've put in so much hard work. Thanks for everything you've done for me.


And to my hubby, thanks for being there, raising our kids together, and being the strong base of our family. But hey, let's not forget, no more leaving those stinky socks lying around, okay? And oh, the dishes in the kitchen? Don't forget to give 'em a good wash, will ya?😊 Happy Father's Day!


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