WeLoveBlog#010: The Many Faces of Moms - What type of mom are you?

WeLoveBlog#010: The Many Faces of Moms - What type of mom are you?

From an innocent girl to a wife, and then becoming a mother, the changes in both the body and mind can make people marvel at the wonders of life (and realize how great they can become).

In a mother's heart, children are always present, but have you ever wondered which type of mother you belong to? Let's have some fun and take this interesting personality quiz. Now, just go with your gut instinct and choose what caught your attention first in the picture. Let's find out which kind of mom you are!

mother's day personality quiz


Answer Revealed

A - "Lady" - You are a soft, gentle and laid-back mom

You are a mother full of temperament and gentleness.  You are skilled in cooking and home decoration, and you handle all things, big and small, with ease. Your children and spouse always come first in your heart.  You are an open and enthusiastic person with deep emotions and willingness to try new things.  You are generous and courteous to everyone, and in the eyes of others, you are kind-hearted and charming.

You are also a warm and gentle person in life, with a natural maternal instinct that makes you particularly attentive to your family, exemplifying traditional virtues.  You enjoy cooking delicious food for your family and feel especially happy when you see them enjoying it.  You also prepare a table of delicious snacks and beautifully decorate them to enjoy afternoon tea with your children; or you would also enjoy baking and making snacks with your children, enjoying a wonderful family time together.

Gentle Mom Recipe Recommend >>>

For a gentle mother like you, the perfect recipe is the slow-cooked beef and cabbage roll soup. The fresh and sweet cabbage leaves wrap with thin slices of beef and vibrant vegetables, mixed with our signature Beef Bone Broth. The fresh taste of the cabbage and meat are perfectly combined, and dipping the soup in the special sauce adds different levels of deliciousness.

B - "Flower/Leaf" - You are the Best-Friends mom

Besides being a beloved mother, you are also your child's dearest friend. You prefer to interact with your child from a friend's perspective. In the process of their growth, you not only care for your child but also respect them greatly, fostering their confidence and ability to make their own judgments. Your heart is accommodating, and you don't try to control your child but rather express your opinions at the appropriate times. 

With your encouragement, your child becomes fearless in trying new things, exhibiting bravery, kindness, a willingness to share, and a helpful nature, all while maintaining a passion for life. One drawback is that you can be a bit adorable and absent-minded, often needing reminders from your child and significant other about the details of daily life. But your lovable personality endears you to the entire family, and you are a cherished mother.

The Best-Friends Mom Recipe Recommend >>>

For the recipe that suits a buddy-like mom, it would be Japanese-style Napolitan spaghetti. This dish combines the deliciousness of our Braised Minced Pork and bacon with a slightly tangy tomato sauce, just like the gentle and playful love of a mom who is also a friend that shares both joy and sadness. It's a taste of bliss that fills you up at any time.


C - "Butterfly" - You are a beautiful and thoughtful mom

You are a thoughtful mother. Your appearance is eye-catching, and you value details. You are also skilled at dressing up your child, often receiving compliments when you go out. Because you were pampered like a little princess in your daily life, adapting to the role of a mother has been a challenge for you, but you have been making great efforts. Sometimes, however, you worry about your ability to educate your child. Your child can feel your abundant love and care, but at times, you tend to be overly concerned about them, leading to frequent worries and anxieties.

When your child makes mistakes, you can't help but reflect on yourself and strive to give them the best. I suggest that you occasionally set aside time for yourself, separate from your child, to have a conversation and spend time alone with yourself. This will allow you to understand your own needs and avoid becoming overwhelmed. Remember not to exhaust yourself and prioritize self-care.

The Thoughtful Mom Recipe Recommend >>>

This red wine braised beef is a classic French dish and the ultimate delicious meal for the whole family.  The beef has a ruby-like color, and the broth is full of the sweet essence of beef, onions, and tomatoes, while still retaining the deep and rich flavor and aroma of red wine.

With the Broth’s secret weapon: Braised Beef Tendon and Braised Beef Shank, you can have a delicious meal without spending long-time simmering.  Adding butter-fried black mushrooms and the sauce of the braised beef shank makes it even more delicious and rich. I believe your child will deeply love the delicious food cooked by their mother’s love and ask for seconds.

D - "Dragonfly" - You are a rational and flawless mom

You have a sense of responsibility and perseverance, so you are very good at taking care of children and always do it quite well.  You are a very rational person and good at reasoning and communicating with your children.  This good habit has led to your children having correct values and being particularly mature and sensible.  They also adapt well to interpersonal relationships outside the family.  

However, because you understand your children very well, your maternal instinct may tend to make decisions for them and take care of everything, hoping that they will follow the path you choose for them and avoid making mistakes.  Sometimes, moderate relaxation or letting go can have unexpected effects because children are often more capable of accepting challenges than we imagine.

The Rational Mom Recipe Recommend >>>

This delicious Clam and Meatloaf Egg Drop Soup not only has three high-quality proteins, but also has the stabilizing effect of clams on the nervous system and the nourishing effect on the spirit.  The ingredients, such as goji berries and ginger, can protect the eyes and remove coldness. Adding chicken essence to the dish not only enhances the flavor but also increases nutrition.  This nutritious recipe is perfect for the flawless mom to replenish nutrition and energy for herself and her family.  It is also suitable for letting children make it themselves, which can promote a wholesome and enjoyable parent-child relationship.


Great mothers selflessly dedicate themselves to the smiles of their children. No matter what type of mother you are, you are equally great.  Broth Inc. hopes that through these dishes, you can save some time and energy in your busy life. We wish you a happy and healthy Mother's Day with full vitality.


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