WeLoveBlog#014: Explore The Traditional, Modern & Creative Mooncake With Us! Which One is Your No. 1?

weloveblog-014-Mooncake Showdown: Traditional vs. Modern vs. Creative, Taste the Victory of Mid-Autumn Fest!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time of family reunion and a feast for gourmet.  And on this special occasion, mooncakes undoubtedly play a significant role in the festivities.  Different flavors of mooncakes now flood the market, so let's compare and introduce various mooncake flavors, making your choices more comprehensive.  During this Mid-Autumn Festival, savor the happiness that belongs to you, share this contented and cool autumn season and the good times with family and friends.

The mooncake culinary journey begins now!

Traditional Mooncakes: Everlasting Affection, Classic Persistence 

Five-nut, lotus seed, red bean, and jujube paste have always been the classic representatives in the world of mooncakes.

  • Five-nut represents an adventurous journey full of surprises, where each nut offers a different view, yet coming together, where they surprisingly harmonize and enrich each other.
  • Lotus seed paste is akin to reminiscing the girl you secretly admired in high school, sweet memories with a subtle fragrance that makes you nostalgic.
  • Red bean paste strikes like a close and thoughtful friend, always there when you need it, offering you comfort and allowing its sweetness to silently melt on your tongue that lasts for a long time. 
  • Jujube paste, on the other hand, is like a unique and charismatic friend with a distinct personality, warm, fun, and intensely sweet, making you savor it endlessly.

These traditional flavors make people feel incredibly warm and fuzzy. When you take a bite, it feels as if time rewinds, taking you back to the taste of childhood. It's like a reflection of time, full of warmth and memories.

Modern Mooncakes: Surprises Abound, Texture Elevates

  • The snow skin mooncakes are like the fashion icons of the mooncake world, injecting a fresh touch of innovation into the scorching summer with various creative fillings. While they may appear delicate, taking a bite of them instantly fills you with freshness and vitality.
  • Custard mooncakes are like the "Mid-Autumn version of milk tea" in the mooncake world! The rich milk flavor makes you feel as though you are in a world of milky fragrance, providing a different kind of surprise.
  • As for various lava mooncakes like red bean, green tea, and whiskey custard, they explode with emotions in the culinary drama, with every bite releasing a moment of joy.

The surprises brought by modern mooncakes always allow people to experience the colorful facets of life; it’s the beautiful blooming moment, brimming with endless possibilities.

Creative Mooncakes: Bold Innovation, Breaking Conventions

Tried of traditional and modern mooncakes? How about trying something different!

  • Fruity mooncakes are like a fruit feast during Mid-Autumn, capturing the taste of autumn's fruits and blending it into mooncakes, bringing natural sweetness and adding a healthy enjoyment to the festival.
    Fruity mooncakes
  • Chocolate, pumpkin with bird nest, wellington mooncake - these boldly innovative mooncake flavors are like a traditional pastry exhibition, with each flavor hiding surprises within the ordinary, waiting for your exploration.

These creative mooncakes are just like daring artists, not bound by convention; they graffiti the canvas of food with vibrant colors. When you try them, it's as if you've crossed into a brand-new world of flavors.

Various Mid-Autumn Seasonal Pastries: A Flavorful Kaleidoscope

Don't think that mooncakes are the only options; there are more delicious treats waiting for you! Mid-Autumn festival seasonal pastries are like a flamboyant feast of flavors, with each one offering a delightful surprise for your taste buds.

  • Golden egg yolk pastries are crispy on the outside and rich on the inside; pine nut pastries have a graceful and enchanting aroma; green bean cakes are fresh and delightful; purple yam pastries are rich in color and flavor.
  • Suzhou-style pastry, with their Eastern mystery and elegance, blend the fragrance of the pastry with the sweetness of the filling, as if savoring an ancient story.
  • Sun cakes, on the other hand, are like a Western romance, golden and crispy on the outside, and filled with delicious filling on the inside. With each bite, it feels like you're basking in warm sunlight.

Each of these pastries has a unique story, allowing you to wander through the world of flavors and experience the diverse charm of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

So, dear food enthusiasts, are you ready?  Which team will you choose?  The charm of tradition, the excitement of modernity, or the boldness of creativity?  No matter how you choose, enjoying mooncakes is a form of indulgence, just like life itself. With tradition and innovation, life becomes more colorful and fulfilling!  Let's raise our glasses to the moon, to mooncakes, to a fulfilling life, and to occasionally breaking the weighing scale!

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