WeLoveBlog#008: Six Light Meal Ideas After The Holidays

WeLoveBlog#008: Six Light Meal Ideas After The Holidays

You have been eating happily since the new year.  Every dinner, every gathering, and every dessert have accompanied you along with your ever growing stomach and rounded face… After having the holidays feast, aren’t you starting to lock away your gluttonous mood and return to a healthier lifestyle?  Broth Inc. would like to join you in getting back in shape by designing six delicious, yet healthy recipes, each with low carb, high quality protein, beneficial fat and fiber-rich vegetables, allowing you to be nutritious while losing fat, and bring energy back to your health.

  1. Minced Pork Tofu Omelette

    When you are losing weight, you need to have high quality protein, allowing the body to increase metabolism to burn more fat.  In this dish, egg, tofu, and grounded port all contain good proteins.  The “lecithin” within eggs helps repair the cell's wall, assisting the ability to absorb fat and increasing the cell's activities.  Tofu has low carb, high fiber and easy to feel full, so many celebrities like to have it as the ingredient to lose weight.  With Broth’s Braised Minced Pork, the dish is both delicious and healthy.  Let’s start the day with this healthy recipe!

    • Ingredient:  Two eggs, half cart of soft tofu, one pack of Broth’s marinated minced pork
    • Seasoning: a tablespoon of broth dashi and soy sauce each
    • Mix egg with soft tofu and seasoning, stir well
    • Method: Add oil to pan, then add egg mixture, and finally Broth’s marinated minced pork.  Close the lid to let it cook for about 5-7 minutes, then open the lid and cook for about 5 minutes until the omelette takes its form.  It is now ready to be served.

  2. Braised Beef Shank Mushroom Hot Pot

    Lately the weather is a bit chilly, a hot pot will be a welcoming meal, but you don’t want to increase weight.  This low carb, high fiber, and healthy mushroom hot pot will warm your heart while keeping you slim and beautiful!  Because mushroom and cabbage both contain water-soluble fiber, they will improve satiety while controlling weight and improving metabolism.  Cabbage also cleans your digestive system and detoxifies your body, easily served as the king of vegetables.  Mushrooms have many polysaccharides that will increase your immunity, and combining with Broth’s Braised Beef Shank and Broth’s Beef Bone Broth, all flavors and nutrition are brought together.  Let’s celebrate together with this dish!

    • Ingredient: Cabbage, enoki mushroom, HongXi mushroom, Chinese chive, Broth’s braised beef shank, Broth’s beef bone broth
    • Method: Layer cabbage, mushrooms, and Chinese chive over the pot, then add sliced beef shank on top.  Add beef bone broth and cook for several minutes after the soup is boiled.  You can add a sauce when you are enjoying the dish.
    • Sauce: Soy sauce 5 teaspoons, minced garlic 1 teaspoon, sesame oil 1 teaspoon, vinegar 1 teaspoon, black pepper and salt as needed.

  3. Beef Shank Warm Salad

    During the weight loss period, many people prefer eating salad as their main meal, but cold vegetables are not really good for digestion.  Warm salad would have been a better choice.  Not only is it nutritious and filling, it also meets a healthier lifestyle.  This colorful salad, with different ingredients and tastes, is perfect for you to create with your children.  Let’s create a healthy lifestyle with your family!

    • Ingredient: Red pepper, yellow pepper, onion, roma tomato, one hard boiled egg, Broth’s braised beef shank one pack
    • Self-made salad dressing:  one portion of red wine vinegar, olive oil and sesame oil each, three portions of sauce from braised beef shank, add black pepper as needed
    • Method:  Clean and dry red pepper, yellow pepper, and onion, slice to strips.  Slice roma tomatoes into halves, slice hard boiled egg into halves, and cut beef shank to your favorite size.  Add vegetables into a bowl, then mix them with salad dressing.  Plate the vegetables, then layer with egg and beef shank, followed by sprinkling the plate with white sesame seed, completely bringing the dish alive!

      Beef Shank Warm Salad

  4. Italian Zucchini with Braised Minced American Wagyu

    Zucchini has a sweet and crisp taste, and has a soft aroma after cooking it, therefore it is very popular in Western cuisine.  However, not only does zucchini taste good, it also has high nutritious value!  Not only does it have low sugar and ability to eliminate edema, unlike other melons and gourds that often have a cold property, zucchini is full of vitamin C, calcium, and iron, making it a perfect ingredient for women.  Adding the famous Broth’s Braised Minced American Wagyu, the taste will be enhanced to the next level.

    • Ingredient: Zucchini one or two, Broth’s Braised Minced American Wagyu
    • Method: Wash the zucchini and dry the surface.  Peel the outer layer, then cook in the microwave for about 10 minutes, then let it cool for 10 more minutes.  After that, cut the zucchini open gently.  Heat the pan, add oil, and lightly fry the zucchini before adding the braised minced American wagyu.  Plate the dish and add parsley for the finishing touch.  Feel free to add your own protein and other vegetables.

      Italian Zucchini with Braised Minced American Wagyu

  5. Steamed Pumpkin with Braised Minced American Wagyu

    Yellow bright pumpkin has been represented in children’s stories such as Cinderella’s carriage and Halloween’s main character.  However, it is also very nutritious, providing many benefits to our bodies.  Not only does it control blood sugar, protect cardiac veins, and prevent prostate cancer, it is also low carb and high in fiber.  100 g of pumpkin has only 69 calories, much less than other vegetables such as sweet potato (109 cal), taro (115 cal), and rice (182 cal).  For people with diabetes, this is the most appropriate food, as it is also great for losing weight.  Adding Broth’s minced American wagyu with the pumpkin, you can create a top-tier meal.

    • Ingredient: Pumpkin 1/4 piece, Broth’s Braised Minced American Wagyu one pack
    • Method: Wash pumpkin and dry its surface, then cut into your favorite size into a bowl used for steaming, then add the braised minced American Wagyu on top.  Steam the bowl with a steamer on high heat for about 10 minutes (longer if you cut into larger sizes), then add a dash of chili garlic before serving.

      Still enjoying it?  Lastly, we like to introduce our favorite soup dish to finish the list.

      Steamed Pumpkin with Braised Minced American Wagyu

  6. Garlic Chicken Clam Soup

    Chicken soup can replenish energy and contain a lot of nutrition.  Adding chicken breast, pan-fried tofu and chicken egg, you will create a golden chicken soup… making it a great sip under the cold weather!  Broth uses its famous chicken broth, so you don’t have to wait and cook it yourself.  For a busy lifestyle, this is a great choice for losing weight.

    • Ingredients: Baby Chinese cabbage(feel free to add other vegetables as you like), boneless chicken thighs, whole garlic peeled for later use, clams, good soup and slow-moving chicken soup dumplings.
    • Method: Heat the pot, add oil, and pan-fry the skin side of the chicken first, until both sides are brown, then add the baby Chinese cabbage, garlic, Broth’s Golden Chicken broth, water, cover the pot and simmer for 20 minutes on a low heat, put in the clams and cover Cover the pot and simmer until the clams open, put on a plate, sprinkle with white pepper and green onion. Enjoy the soup with all the ingredients without feeling guilty.

During the weight loss period it doesn't maintain its protein and nutrition.  Broth Inc. picks the freshest ingredient, complete with high quality protein and healthy vegetables, and quick and easy Broth’s broth packets to make sure you can enjoy high fiber, low carb, and filling recipes to keep you as slim as you like.  Feel free to enjoy these dishes as they won't interrupt your weight loss goal!

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