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好下飯肉燥 Braised Minced Pork
好下飯肉燥 Braised Minced Pork
好下飯肉燥 Braised Minced Pork
好下飯肉燥 Braised Minced Pork
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好下飯肉燥 Braised Minced Pork

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【商品規格】: 350g x 2 (約4-6人份)

【保存方式】: 冷凍可保鮮六個月 

這就是孩子口中最愛的小小肉飯 — 下飯第一名的瓜子肉燥飯!精選豚肉剁碎後,加上美味可口的花瓜,慢火滷製成就孩子們的最愛!


  1. 自然退冰後,放置鍋內煮滾至沸騰即可
  2. 微波加熱法: 將冷凍塊取出,倒入可微波的容器,蓋上上蓋保留氣孔,微波5-7分鐘即可! (依照基準為1300W微波爐)
  3. 電鍋加熱法: 將冷凍塊取出,以電鍋加熱即可
  4. 隔水加熱法: 產品完全解凍後,連同內包裝袋放入水已煮沸的鍋中,水面必須完全覆蓋產品,並以中火隔水加熱3-5分鐘即可食用!



12.3 oz x 2 (4-6servings)

Storage Instruction: Store in Freezer. All frozen products expire 6 months after production date.

Ingredients: Ground Pork, Garlic, Pickles, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Bajiao (Star Anise), Shallot

A childhood favorite: Our Braised Minced Pork is made by slow cooking ground pork and seasoned pickles. A versatile dish that enhances every meal. 


Cooking instruction: 

  1. Microwave: Pour defrosted minced pork into a microwaveable safe container, place lid with ventilation holes, and microwave for 3-5 minutes (1300W microwave oven). 
  2. Electric cooker: Place frozen minced pork into the cooker and heat. 
  3. Water-heating: Once the frozen minced pork is thawed, place the entire heat safe bag into a boiling pot of water enough to cover the entire surface. Heat over medium heat for 3-5 minutes. 


Frozen packs contain minced pork only. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 78 reviews

    Love it, delicious.


    Very delicious, goes well with noodle or rice!

    It goes with everything

    Tasted so good. Eat it with thin or thick noodle, pasta or rice or even bread. Anything you can think of. Quick meal ready in 5 mins.

    王 雅德

    好下飯肉燥 Braised Minced Pork

    Its good for bread too.

    Its not only good for paring with rice or noodle, its taste good with toast or hot dog bun also.
    Just add sliced cucumber and tomato with it. Super tasty.