Christmas Giveaway - How to claim my Christmas gift? 好湯聖誕派禮啦!- 抽獎方法


  1. 進入網頁等待3秒後,在屏幕左側便會出現一個有紅色禮物標誌的抽獎輪盤彈窗
  2. 輸入名字和電郵後,點擊確認
  3. 隨後便會收到禮物
  4. 禮物品項加入到購物車中
  5. 結帳時便能取到您的聖誕禮物啦!

#好湯聖誕派禮 的網上訂單大獎抽獎將在12/27/2022進行,並在當天於好湯慢慢官方Instagram(@welovebroth)上公佈


  • 請記得把禮物加入到購物車中才能帶回家唷~
  • 聖誕老公公的購物車需要放入兩件或以上的物件才可以出車配送到您的家喔。
  • 聖誕老公公的禮物很寶貴,每人只可領一份和一次喔。


  1. Enter our website and wait for 3 seconds, click the pop-up window with a "Red Gift" icon to enter the Christmas raffle spinning wheel
  2. Enter your name and email, and then click OK
    *Make sure to click the checkbox bellow to enter our 30 packs mixed flavor Chicken Essence raffle!
  3. You will then receive a gift code
    (Please make sure to save your gift code and the gift item name.)
  4. Add your gift item in your cart
  5. Checkout to claim your Christmas gift!

Christmas giveaway online order grand prize draw will be held on 12/27/2022 and will be announced on our official Instagram (@welovebroth) on the same day

*Kind reminder from the BROTH Santa*

  • Please remember to add your gift item into your cart to bring it home~~
  • Santa's shopping sleigh needs to be filled with two or more items before it can be delivered to your home.
  • Santa's gift is very precious, each person can redeem one item and once only.
Promotion valid from 12/23/2022 PST to 12/25/2022 PST.
This promotion is for ONLINE only. Cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, or discounts. No cash value.